Ghantasala Sangeetha Kalasala International

Ghantasala Sangeetha Kalasala International NJ (GSKI), a Cultural and Social Service Trust, is a non-profit based music organization which is one of a kind with an objective to encourage and promote the songs and Music rendered by Late Padmasri Ghantasala Venkateswarao Garu to the interested people with no age restriction and mould them into brilliant stage performers. With the theme తెలుగు భాషకు వరం ఘంటసాల స్వరం, GSKI provides platform to both amateur and professional Telugu Musicians and Singers to show case their talents.

Highlighting and promoting our great musical and literary heritage to the present and upcoming generations is the main aim of the organization. The organization was first established in the year 2017 in Edison NJ. Mr. Madhusudhana Rao Anna has taken the charge of the organization as President in 2018 and introduced the membership concept. The organization is growing daily with members with the interest, encouragement and appreciations from Telugu Community.

GSKI celebrates Jayanti day of Ghantasala in December and organize Vardhanti in February every year. GSKI also organizes Music workshops for it’s members to train them to improve their skill of singing. GSKI also conducts Singing Competitions every year promoting Telugu songs among the Telugu community in USA.

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